I always see doors, even windows, as opportunities. Herding dogs see them as a hindrance.

Our old Zoe loves it when my husband is home on weekends. She likes to sleep with whoever is in bed, and the highest spot with the best view possible. If my husband has a blanket over the comforter, that is the highest spot. It’s only 5 a.m. for him right now. We’ve been out and Zoe’s been fed and I’ve “Otis’ed” her back up there, where she is content for now.

For the few years we’ve lived here the bedroom door has squeaked but I could leave it open a few inches to minimize noise from the kitchen and living room and allow Zoe to nose her way out to check on the rest of her pack, that would be me.

About a year ago he stopped at a hardware store determined to allow the door to flow freely and no longer squeak. It worked but the inches are no longer allowed as it opens all the way and I can’t let him sleep, so I have to close it all the way and Zoe hates that! She wants her pack to be together.

I’m sure they’re both sleeping soundly. It’s 7:30 now and I’ve things to do and will try to keep quiet. She misses him so I’ll give them some sleeping/bonding time together. Cheers, happy Saturday, Dee


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