Why We Plan

My husband has been at a new client for just over a week. Now he has to pay thousands of dollars for shots to go overseas. Not just overseas as he’ll not be drinking the cool, clear water of Loch Lomond as we have before. Overseas as in being in a great hotel next door to a corporate complex going door to door for four days in a country where you need thousands of dollars in shots to go door to door.

Yesterday there were snags in the trip and I’ve booked him an appointment for several shots next week as advised by his mother, a nurse so they don’t up-sell as they are very expensive and mostly not necessary. That way they’ll be in his system when he arrives and not just advising him days before his trip. The trip has been rescheduled a few weeks.

He’s feeling “crummy,” and wanted to eat frozen pizza in bed. Yes, I got his frozen pizza but I’ve soup and tea then he told me the plane was down and he’d be hours late so was going back to the hotel and not coming home. I bought him apples and grapes and he still has a pineapple I put in the frig a few days ago. It’s near ripe.

His flight was back on so he’ll be in a few hours from now. I love him dearly and now will take the dog out for “last chance.” I’ve “Otis’d” Zoe up to the bed and will conclude this missive knowing my husband is coming home to us this weekend, Dee



One response to “Why We Plan

  1. He didn’t go to get his shots. I’m not ready to be a widow.

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