I awakened the moment my mother died, two time zones earlier. Jumped up in bed, threw on some clothes, grabbed the dog’s leash and went out for a long walk on the trail. Two hours later, 6:30 a.m. my time, my sisters called to say she was gone. I said, I know. It was a long week for all at hospice.

I’ve neighbors now who have saved the life of my dog when her leash was caught in an elevator door. His mother died and will be laid to rest tomorrow in a Jewish ceremony.

Our neighbors’ grandkids have been part of our lives for several years. My husband makes them balloons and we’ve cooked together for their parents and grandparents. Sunday, Miss A came by with a picture she made for my husband, me and Zoe.

Today I heard of their loss and left a note offering for Zoe and I to take care of the kids for a while, whenever needed. I also learned that where one sits shiva flowers are not welcome. I placed a small bouquet of spring flowers outside their door and was grateful to know that the huge bouquet next to it was from his father so it was OK.

I picked spring flowers. A white spider chrysanthemum. A strange fluffy green thing that is a relative to that species. Daisies, white and yellow, and a few greens. It looks lovely for spring which I hope will cheer them somewhat and me as well, as the snow is flying out there, who knows when it will end. May?

The grandkids, when they visit, stand outside our door and whisper dog Zoe’s name, louder and louder until she barks and I answer the door. They just want to play. They play ball in the hall or go for a walk taking turns with Zoe’s leash. It’s all with parental OK and perhaps grandparental supervision from K.

They are a lovely family and I mourn their loss and maybe I can make them a lasagne. I think that’s what I made for them the day they moved in. No, it was spaghetti and meatballs. I remember.

Again, K saved Zoe’s life, she was nearly strangled. I took the elevator upstairs to see my dead dog. Instead she was standing with K, on leash, happy to see her mom and food wench. God bless her for saving Zoe’s life. Dee

ps Miss A’s picture was of a pirate octopus. What are they teaching kids in school these days? I hope she stays away from pirates else her parents will have fits about her dating in ten years!


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