No, it’s not the lottery. I won something once, because I was the only one to answer the deli man’s inquiry to a song. I opined that it was Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach. Yes, the Can Can dancer song.

The next day he graciously gave me a sandwich and was amazed that NPR proved me correct. “How did you know that?” Must be Dad and my grade school music teachers.

I’ve played the lottery three times, a dollar with co-workers. My own lottery has turned up well. I grew up in a good family, married into another with an adopted grandmother and have a family of my own with a husband of nearly 14 years and a dog age 12 that we’ve had from six weeks. She has no hips, grew her own from cartilage as a pup after two surgeries from our cousin Val the Vet. We could have called her Lucky, rather than Zoe, but Zoe is Greek for life so early on before health issues we named her well and she loves Cousin Val.

My luck has gotten me two families, a husband, a dog, a hip surgeon she loves, and us and that’s more than enough for me. I won the lottery from my first day. It’s more than anyone could ask. If I could bet on anything, I’d bet on us. Dee

ps Dad taught us to play poker for match sticks. They’d go back in the box and be used months later to light a candle, the fireplace or another poker game. Oh, in poker the matches were the antes and money and were never alight. Luck, in so many ways. D



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