Birds, Mistakes, Well Done!

Yesterday the sidewalks on the County side looked clear, but were crystalline and a bit slippery, especially for a gal wearing crocs with no tread…. The foot of snow was iced over on top so much that my shoes did not sink down as I picked up after Zoe, but it was melting at the edges.

I heard the first birds of the season chirping, and several squirrels running about, sshhhh don’t tell Zoe as she wants to kill one of those critters (she’s 12 now, and they’re faster). As I removed the jingle bell wreath from our door a few weeks ago I replaced it with a welcome hanging with bluebirds, twigs and leaves and it all came true.

As to mistakes, years ago we bought a tan microsuede L-shaped sofa. I’d measured everything then realized I hadn’t compensated for the “L.” Another four feet. It left us 18″ to walk around it. Now we have a place that requires many feet to get around anything. Nothing but the sofa is where I would want it to be. It’s probably six years old and needs to be cleaned but we can both fit on either end and watch a Netflix movie, with Zoe on a dog bed below.

The design of our place demands at least five feet from every piece of furniture. Yes, it looks good but it is frustrating because I’d like to move several things around, like the dining table and I always wanted to get him a comfy chair with a lamp and table so he could read his phone and computer.

They designed these places for the fantastic views but then placed all the outlets and cable on the opposite side of the room so now we have cat-5 cable throughout the living room and master bedroom, just laying there. It’s a mess, but whenever a guest enters and sees the view, nothing else matters.

When it comes to the sofa my husband and I had a disagreement. He said the only place to put it was blocking the floor to ceiling windows and looking into the kitchen. I told him that I make the food and don’t want to look at dirty pots and pans and we’re paying for a view, for heaven’s sake! He finally agreed with my point of view.

As to well done, I’ve been trying to mix up our menus. Last night I had to call my M-I-L for tacos. She told me not to deep-fry corn tortillas.

I ended up not frying corn tortillas, just scorching flour tortillas to soften and serving with beef, onions, Fresno chiles and serving them with homemade salsa, sliced avocado, shredded Monterey Jack and a hint of lime and sour cream. Yum.

We’ve been having a lot of oatmeal for breakfast these days, five minutes cooked in milk, topped with a dollop of nonfat vanilla yogurt and a few berries on top. It’s good but I can’t have it every day. So I bought my husband two slices of his favorite house-made bacon from our butcher yesterday and he’ll have bacon, eggs and toast with pear jam this morning.

It’s going to be a good day. Hope yours is as well. Dee


One response to “Birds, Mistakes, Well Done!

  1. Bill Murray, loved you as FDR, but today’s Groundhog Day. What does Phil say today?

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