Constitutional Amendment

There is hereby a Constitutional Amendment to require every person that plays such awful canned music on the phone to listen to such music for 30 minutes every month, that no employee will be allowed to escape this torture their customers/clients go through.

I was just told that if I get health insurance through another COBRA associate at midnight and have new insurance from midnight on, I still have to file a form on my taxes that I did not have insurance.

The guy was kind enough to turn off the music but left me on hold a number of times and came back with nothing. Apparently if I’m off health insurance for even 16 seconds I have to pay a $700 penalty.

Believe me this is going to the President, my Senators and Congresswoman. Thank you, ACA administration for denying me the marketplace then telling me I should have gone through all the rigamarole so you could get all our ssn’s and medical records. Great job, NSA!

I just want health insurance. And to pay for it. We do not qualify for, nor do we wish for government assistance.

As is the rule, insurance brokers go after the low-hanging fruit, the Marketplace. We just want insurance and no-one will answer the phone.

These are the same government people who’ve been shilling for insurance companies for decades. I won well baby care in NYS decades ago after the insurance industry said its’ usual “will raise premiums.”

Health insurance, please!!! Dee


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