So Christmas is Over

So said two little boys yesterday morning, after they showed me their din0-bots they were holding while out walking with their parents and grandparents.

We were out walking the dog, who they love. “So Christmas is over.” I was looking at a toy I’d never seen or heard of (getting old is a bummer) and replied “Christmas is all day long. You get to hang out with your folks and grandparents and have a great meal.” I don’t think at their ages they got it, but their family did.

We had a quiet day, nice breakfast, snack for lunch and a dinner my husband wanted that didn’t turn out as well as last time. I was afraid of overseasoning and I underseasoned instead. It was chicken and artichoke hearts in a minimal Alfredo sauce. We’ll do the pesto and fresh homemade pasta tomorrow for lunch. If you celebrated, hope you enjoyed the entire day, not just presents. Dee

ps Perhaps that’s why our parents started getting family gifts, populating our basement with a racetrack, ping pong, air hockey…. so we’d have something to do out in the middle of nowhere while they rested from all night of “some assembly required.” dee


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