I couldn’t sleep. Santa arrived yesterday afternoon after delighting neighborhood kids. God bless him. Our neighbor wore a stifling suit and still came by to see us (husband and dog were on a long walk) but needed to go home and get out of that suit.

He brought gifts for the nordic kids. He arrived two weeks ago to give us boughs from his tree (that was our gift) and I went to storage and brought some memories mostly of my husband and me as I’ve tried to get us ornaments each year from wherever we were.

Today I’m making breakfast, we’ll try homemade pasta for lunch with basil/parsley pesto with lemon,and potatoes, then home-made spaetzle with chicken and artichokes in a cream sauce for dinner.

Roasted nuts, butternut squash soup, pasta with chicken, then cheesecake.  That says holiday to me. Have a wonderful day! Dee


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