Some define it as “containing several items.” As in a multi-trillion dollar US budget we pay for and lots of candy for legislators and their districts. Like ships the Navy never asked for. A new Coast Guard cutter that was never asked for.

Over a billion dollars in REIT’s that casinos asked for.

Isn’t that just a sweet term, omnibus? Just a few little things. Teeny things that make sure you won’t make your mortgage this month, or car payment.

We elect these people, reader, and expect them to put our collective thoughts in mind before they add even more pork to the budget for which we pay. Not just getting a ship built in a local harbor that is not even wanted, in order to put people to work for something that is not needed.

I want this for my district. I want that for mine. Let’s just bill the nation for our little pet projects like the Alaska bridge to no-where. Let’s just put bridges over all the Great Lakes, also the Atlantic Ocean. While you’re at it, let’s put an escalator above the bridge between Mexico and San Diego without Customs personnel. Great ideas? Now let’s double the salaries of our senators and congresspersons and give them all Washington D.C. homes made of 18K gold. Not a happy thought, Dee


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