Full or Half-Way

OK, school was easy for me. I slacked off a bit but I studied, was on the Dean’s List and only missed a class when I was in the infirmary with the flu. My buds did break me out for a concert. Whoops. Lots of strange smoke there, no I didn’t do it.

In my life I’ve worked very hard and done good things for many people. I have found that the people guiding the ship are the same ones who took my lunch money or tore my winter hat in half. Boys who called me names I didn’t even understand. And even now, pseudo-businessmen who hate female customers. Heavens, I pity all their wives.

Girls who didn’t think you were cool enough to go into cheerleading, gymnastics or be part of the “best” league. You all failed. I headed the gymnastic team not because I was a great athlete, but because I was a leader who expected the best and wanted every girl to succeed with the support of the team.

Work requires teams that work well together, and top brass who have the wherewithal to make that happen. I’ve been in too many client situations where my presence is not accepted or acknowledged. It’s board vs. CEO or CEO vs. senior staff.

Change is not an easy thing to do. Perhaps moving every couple of years got me inured to it. As I age I wish to change/move less, but always try to learn something every day. I’m not asking you to tear your children to another school every couple of years. Just let them know that change is possible and can be good.

That way when mommy and daddy divorce and fight over the kids they don’t make a toxic atmosphere. You won’t be told you were only going to college for a Mrs. Degree (I married over 40). As a woman you may even make what your male colleagues earn. And be their boss.

Life is a collaborative effort. I don’t believe it involves kicking someone down the ladder who is underneath you. I believe it means picking them up. Cheers! Dee


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