There seems to be none in life or in the workplace. My husband calls me sneaky because when he’s away and I’m new to a neighborhood I find my way around traffic snags and road closures to get the best groceries for dinner.

The sneakiness is in my mind. I think outside the box to do whatever I need to do to help us live our lives and take care of ourselves. Nothing illegal, I assure you.

I recently worked through two fighting governments to build a crosswalk. Don’t worry, no-one ever stops for us. I helped a child who wanted to work with his Dad in Revolutionary War re-enactments, because his mere presence would make him eligible to the National Guard, at age 11. At 3 a.m. I got the idea and ran to work to to re-write the law to make it happen. Today it would be Afghanistan. Think about it. I fixed it.

I created an event that re-invigorated an arts institution by having all the tumblers in place, and they made me a Trustee for that (that means working for no money) then dumped me because I made things happen and they wanted to be sentient for a decade. I was a breath of fresh air most organizations fight and can not accept.

Always brought in as an agent of change, it stops the moment of hiring. Resistance, hatred, one client even keyed my car. I was fired after making a small-time business into a big one though events, press et al. A day later the new exec called me in, demanded my key and said he wanted everything I knew about the organization, including documents secret from the board and everything (he had copies of everything else). I gave him the key.

I told him he should have asked me for what was in my brain yesterday, when I was paid, and that even if I was being paid I’d have to go to the Board meeting with him and get a majority vote to divulge that secret information. He was upset.

The former chairman, to whose office I drove, laughed and the new exec was canned within a month. Come on, he used to call my office at 8:55 to say I was late for a 9:00 meeting. What a jerk. He may be working in fast food now. I’ll have a double burger with cheese. Fries and a Diet Coke.

Few are loyal. The circle of trust (thanks, DeNiro) works many ways. Be in it with your family and friends this season. All good wishes, Dee




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