Smoke, No Mirrors

My great aunt gave me a book. Her husband was a cook. Not a professional cook, just a philosopher, pundit, genius and kind man.

The book is A Concise Encylopaedia of Gastronomy by Andre L. Simon, from Collins, St. James’ Place, London. There is no year on it that I can see. I only know the the smoke begins to go away after 35 years and I do not want to handle it with other than kid gloves.

This book was so dense with smoke I’ve kept it closed for 15 years after O’s death near age 100. It is and will be on my bookshelf as long as I am here on earth.

O was always an inspiration to me. She taught me how to live, how to be empowered, how to love someone with no reservations, and how to accept others who are different.

I would like to try to recreate, in her memory, John’s dish of Canadian bacon with pea meal and beer. I may have to call my cousins! This book reminds me of us, going out to dinner, motorcycle friends… She was my great aunt, and we went out on bikes from dinner at a fancy restaurant. She is my heroine and will always be so. Here’s to O! Dee


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