Aroma Therapy

Sense memories. It’s not only taste memories that are my specialty from childhood. It is scent.

Remember the smell of cookies in the oven, or a roast? I do.

When I was little Dad would take me to the tobacco store. He smoked a pipe back then with a blend called Symphony (he is a violinist). I didn’t like the smell of smoking the tobacco but loved the aroma of the small shop in our little village. And no, I do not smoke… anything.

One day I got to go to the shop (he normally wouldn’t bring both kids to town) and I found a $10 bill on the floor. Dad asked what I should do. I gave it to the shop owner by the register. He gave it back and said he wasn’t missing any money and there was no-one else in the shop so it was mine. That was light years more than my fifty cent per week allowance! When we got home Dad made me split it with my sister. Ah, well. It probably went a ways to buying holiday gifts for the family.

Coffee. I love the scent of roasted beans. Even brewed coffee though I prefer herbal tea and never drink coffee. When I’m in an elevator with someone with coffee my taste buds awaken. I’d love to make a coffee and bittersweet chocolate rub for a roast one day. I’ll have to ask about the type of beans. I know chocolate. It would have to be nibs.

Think of a roasting chicken in the oven with thyme, rosemary and sage. My favorite beef stew braising with onions, bacon and amber ale. These are some of my favorite things. Hold out for prime rib studded with garlic with roasted potatoes and Yorkshire pudding! Cheers! Dee


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