Tufts, Love and Patches

Yesterday I bought our Thanksgiving meal. We’ll have burgers for lunch, turkey burgers. For dinner I will simply stuff a 4# chicken with the bread from two wheat rolls, some onion and celery and broth. Mashed or scalloped potatoes. I’ve greens for salad. Of course there will be gravy, perhaps even cranberries and brussels sprouts.

Yesterday I vacuumed every nook and cranny. After dinner I finally carved out some time for myself. I changed my socks to ones that work for me and also love dog fur. So, after purging the dog (bath and multiple brushings from Dee’s Torture Chamber of Grooming) and the floors and carpets, my socks were laden with tumbling tumbleweeds from dog Zoe within ten minutes!

We do miss family this year. It’s just the two of us with a small bird. He can have beef another day, wanted steak for dinner. He will love my chicken and especially stuffing. My husband loves potatoes (I may bake them for him, his favorite) and brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon. I can make chicken salad with the other half of the bird.

Yesterday I dug out my silk long underwear. It has holes. So does my husband’s work chair, the beautiful cover his mother made in no time, no measurements. Amazing.She matched all the damask fabric on two chairs, floor to top, in record time. I am thrilled but the one he’s been using as a desk chair is falling apart after years of use.

I’m thinking of getting patches for my silk long undies and the chair. Ebony and Ivory. Yeah, you don’t remember that one, or John Denver’s Poems, Prayers and Promises. Perhaps on an anniversary, dearest, we can renew our vows with family.

In the end, remember today with your family and friends. The gifts are casseroles and pies and cakes and it’s all about being together. We’re thankful for our families and will give them a call after the sun comes up. Cheers and a happy Thanksgiving to all! Dee


One response to “Tufts, Love and Patches

  1. Lest you think I deny my husband steak, we had skirt steak with homemade chimichurri for lunch!

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