Job Description

Day before Thanksgiving I get a Linked in message that gives me a job description I’m supposedly suited to take.

It says I can work in Human Resources and have the opportunity to experience the full cycle. It’s couched in different terms but it’s basically hiring to firing and that’s in the job description!

I’ve never worked HR so am not qualified for the role. I just found it interesting how people can be used, then thrown away. I know our maintenance folks and security and leasing. They are very good to me. I bring them meals and treats and our dog Zoe contributes doggie treats to the cupboard “cookie jar” for which she has to do tricks for access.

My butchers, produce people, supermarket checkers, everyone is a part of my world. Today all the butchers came out to say Happy Thanksgiving. It is a part of life. I bring them Texas Chili, Pedernales, Lady Bird Johnson and VP LBJ 1962 with JFK and 5,000 guests. It’s my riff. Yes, I grind my own beef and use special seasonings.

Sorry, Nanny, we couldn’t make it this time. We wish you all love and good wishes. We’re having a small chicken with stuffing, potatoes and brussels sprouts. And we’ll be thinking of all our famiily tomorrow, Thanksgiving and giving thanks. With much love from Dee





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