Thanks and Giving

Today I ran into a neighbor at the grocery store. He called out my name and gave me a big bear hug. It’s P and he is delivering an entire Thanksgiving dinner to a family in need. I believe he’s going to be the delivery guy, not telling the family he is the donor.

What a wonderful thing to do. We sat down at a table at the grocery for ten minutes and talked. We’ve both been through tough times of late but he was very spiritual about it. I know that my husband and I, together, can weather any storm.

He walked to the store. I drove and offered him a ride home. By the time I got out of my car, he was in the elevator! You, again? He has my email address. I would love to put a meal together for a family. It is in the spirit of the season.

We will miss family this year. Hopefully Christmas beckons. Cheers to you and yours, Dee


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