We made the most leaden whole wheat pancakes to get rid of a mix on the pantry shelf the other day.

This morning we turned the corner and served up tasty, fluffy pancakes with pure maple syrup.

Mix dry, yolks and sugar, then bring the egg whites, after whisking to medium peaks, to the mix. Cook. Voila. Hello, maple syrup, you’re supposed to be on stage! What? She left for another audition?

The magic is the egg whites, whipped up to medium peaks and folded in at the end. The pancakes, with Grade A maple syrup, were sublime. I actually prefer Grade B but that wasn’t on sale that day, months ago.

If you’d like I’ll send you the link. Happy Thanksgiving! Dee



One response to “Pancakes

  1. If it’s not spaghetti and meatballs, it’s pancakes. He didn’t want 1/2 the recipe so tried 3/4 and of course the numbers don’t add up so my mathematical husband printed me a schedule and calculated the numbers, including the recipe. Today they were all egg whites, big as a cake. He tends to favor certain foods for a while. Yogurt, lemonade, always chocolate bars and ice cream.

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