Making Fun

We always did that as kids at home and neighborhood and school. Parents taught us to get along and play and have after-school activities.

I had extra violin, dance and piano after school hours that meant I was busy and happy. Not necessarily with the “job jar” which was our weekend chores.

Learning about oneself takes time, much time on my part. But I can laugh at myself and tell funny stories about childhood and stupid mistakes I’ve made. I really think the difference with criminals and everyday folks is that normal people remember the day they did that dumb thing and everyone laughs together. Not at someone, together.

In hopes that I did not make one grade school person miserable, I was always a bit of a geek and did not fit in.  If I did hurt anyone’s feelings, I apologize. Making fun can turn brutal when it is done, as it has been to me on occasion in childhood and adulthood in nasty and vindictive ways.

Bullying should be stopped and I’m glad it’s finally beginning in grade school when a professional may be able to prevent a kid from becoming a serial killer, and especially save classmates and others through life.

Yes, our govermnent has a trillion dollars to lends to banks, stock brokerages and insurance companies but not to upgrade education. Bring back music and art and it’ll be a different world. We know where our money is going. Now, let’s change it. Just my opinion. Dee


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