We met 14 years ago, three weeks after 9/11. That is what all of us talked about. An epic tragedy.

Three thousand miles away he was a living casualty of the dot-bomb era so he moved home three weeks after we met. In two weeks he braved Thanksgiving with my mother and he was back and staying with relatives for a month. I found him a home 1,000 feet from mine.

We moved him in, mostly computer, and got him an air bed that leaked. He tried to come to my place for dinner early on but I had a cat and he’s deathly allergic. He bought a gas mask beforehand so all he could say sounded like “Luke, I am your father.” Ten minutes later we were out of there to buy dinner.

Fourteen years later I knew we were in it for the long haul, he didn’t, so I decided I had enough stuff in my kitchen that I could cook for myself, and give him some essential items to use at his place as well. He brought one thing to his new kitchen, a colander. Before he started eating string cheese he may have made pasta once or twice. His mother gave this to him for college and we still have it. I went to cooking school and have every necessary tool known to humankind.

Funny story. I walked to Pier 1, 1/2 mile away and saw glasses. Six small, medium and large Picardie glasses for juice and beverages. It was $18. I got it immediately for him and tried to lug it home. One glass is light, 18 are heavy! I stopped every 300 feet and put the box down. Then I crossed the park. I went to his place and left them upstairs on the doorstep.  At that point I didn’t care if anyone stole them. I went through the bushes and home and there was a note. “Home sick from work and have aspirin. Do you have a glass?” Marriage made in heaven. Fate.

It worked out for the best. His mother and I cook together for days every holiday and I know now why he married me 12 years ago: I cook; write and edit; take good care of the dog; and when we walked on the beach that first date and looked at the sunset he held me and I was the perfect chin rest.  That’s love.

Oh, he also built me a pantry (I designed and helped). We’ve dishes for 18 and a table that seats four. Tomorrow is another day! Dee

Jim's Colander

Jim’s Colander


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