They were cleaned recently, all the interior stuff including kid handprints and doggy nose. The dog now stays away from the windows and just sits looking at the squirrels below. Then she dreams of planning her attack. Dreams.

I looked at a place I loved years ago and looking at the layout yesterday found out it was not for us. Why? Too many windows. It would be a great bachelor pad, which it is now. It does not allow us, ok me, to have art in terms of heritage quilts, paintings from my father who took up painting at age 80. Photos from friends and ones I’ve taken and all are judiciously framed.

Who would ever ask for fewer windows? Me. We have 12 windows floor to ceiling, This has 27 floor to ceiling. It does not work for us office-wise or otherwise and would be a bad choice.

That’s the way it is, until something else comes up. Another city, another view. Not another husband or dog anytime. I love them too much. Dee


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