I got one today, and not from my husband, I made an error. I used someone else’s beef (the butcher’s) that was rough ground. I usually buy, cut and grind my own mix.

The butcher came out, as I had given them a sample Pedernales Texas Chili and said the flavors were great but the grind was too coarse and he felt some gristle. So did I, but gave it to them to taste for the grind and flavor.

His comments were appreciated, usually I cut and grind my own meat but there was a sale on that day so I asked for it to be roughly ground. It was too rough, he agreed.

They’re getting new grinder equipment that will allow for more definition from their cuts. I’d rather buy, cut and grind my own and make chili and give my butchers another taste.

I love bringing food into a grocery store! Most people won’t tell me what was wrong with it (texture) but he did and I thank him for that. Learn something every day, politics, love, patience, food. Dee


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