When did that go out of fashion? I like being out of fashion because I welcome new people. Where’s the cake one took to a new neighbor?  No-one cooks here.

I’ve moved with family many times and it was always a challenge going to a new school. As adults we have longer term engagements and it allows us to meet neighbors.

For our neighbors across the way, the day they moved in I offered a pot of Bolognese sauce, and a pot to cook pasta, and the pasta. I knew they wouldn’t have their kitchen set up in time so I set them up knowing they would be tired from the move.

Now their grandkids, when they visit, stand outside our door and whisper “Zoe” so they can take her out. So, I’ll get up early on a weekend and let them take the leash and walk with them. My husband has learned to twist balloons. He does it for these great kids.

I welcomed one Swedish neighbor who taught me how to make meatballs. I taught him Texas chili. Tomorrow I’m going to give him some chili. That’s how it goes.

Our dog Zoe thinks I’m essential to her food and walk routine, but boring. She takes care of the entire floor. Yesterday, she finally put a pup in its place. She’s our mascot, our 80 year-old Lady. Zoe told him not to bite her legs anymore. She would never bite anyone, a toddler could take out her food and she’d just look at me for more. She stood her ground and said “enough is enough.”

Being a good neighbor is more than welcoming new folks, its teaching Dog 101 and helping people with loss. Cooking for staff who wouldn’t eat otherwise. It’s about being….. Dee Cheers!

ps K, the new neighbor, saved Zoe’s life in an elevator incident. I thought Zoe was dead, but got back upstairs and K had her, safe and sound. She paid back that dinner 100 times. However many balloons or dog walks with the grandkids it will never be enough thanks to our neighbors.


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