Poutine. Thank you, Montreal! My mother was from there, as was her entire family.

She never made this dish for us. I read about it and didn’t think it would work. French fries with brown gravy and melted cheese curds. I never thought about it, never tried it.

Today I’m in a cheese state (I’m always in a state that makes and likes cheese) and I ordered 1/2 of a Poutine.

Can I tell you how delicious this is? I’m getting old and not even my Canadian cousins ever had me try this dish. Shame on all of us. I’ve missed out on this dish for so many years, it’s a disaster.

For a last meal, I would now like many things I’ll get to you in the future, but Montreal is on the list with poutine, and a smoked meat sandwich on rye with deli mustard. That’s only my Montreal list. More to come. Cheers to David Sax of Save The Deli! Dee


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