Internet Back Again!

I didn’t have to do anything to my husband’s alien blinking array in the closet, let’s hope all his machinations (routers et al) resolved their own issues without my intervening. Or, they didn’t do anything today and it’ll be a few days until the new tower goes up and he’ll be here tomorrow so he can deal with tech and I’ll do the rest.

My husband is a meat and potatoes or pasta with meat sauce guy. He has taught himself this Italian sausage and pasta dish that is good but gets tomato sauce everywhere, walls, stove et al. It is the only thing he makes besides toast, I’ve a photo from his mother of him making toast at age four. It took 30 years for him to learn to make a grilled cheese sandwich “so that’s how you do it” and he prefers mine.

When he’s away I make all vegetarian or cook fish. He can’t even smell fish cooking because of allergies. These are my indulgences. Yes, my watch dog/herder is here to save me as he’s only gone for hours.

Tonight, scallops (again) with sauteed potatoes and arugula. Perhaps some Limoncello gelato with one of the last lemon Girl Scout cookies as a side. Coast Guard is out. Something must be wrong.

Later, friend, Dee.




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