Cursive Writing

I look at cursive writing as an exercise in futility. My mother had perfect cursive. My aunts each took out their personality in it and it was beautiful.

It will no longer be taught in schools across the country because everyone uses computers. That is sad to me.

Sad that I got my first C in 3rd grade learning cursive. I tried, but I was a leftie, hook. That means you turn your entire left wrist around and your arm goes across the paper. That is the only way I could write. Teachers tried to make me change. I went to my parents and Dad said NO!

His parents and teachers rapped his knuckles and made him bow down to write with his right hand as he does now. He has four children. Two of us are leftie. He made no bones about it that no-one would discipline his children for being left-handed. Dad and I are ambidextrous but I could never write with my right hand.

I don’t know what that does on a keyboard that I use daily. I also write notes to myself, to do lists, to my husband. All the hand-done ones are leftie.

Nearly failing cursive in third grade was a great blow to me. I smeared the ink and had a scrawl that was not acceptable. My teacher knew I tried really hard so gave me a C. Do you ever wonder why this left hook never went into calligraphy? Sorry about your wedding invitation, I’m a leftie and dragged the ink over the paper.

Schools gave up music and art and theater many years ago. Now computers can simulate cursive writing but they will never choose it unless they know how to do it. Please, in honor of my third grade teacher and Aunt L, do not eliminate cursive writing from the curriculum. My Aunt L would say one could never write a proper thank-you note without script. Hers is lovely and she will not use a computer, only writes in cursive and I’ve a letter from her! Literally yours, Dee


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