Every day, Battle Fur. Zoe has an undercoat with which I could have made several nice sweaters over the years but I do not have a loom and can’t knit anything anymore. I only did golf club covers because they were mittens without a thumb. Petit point went somewhat further and I made some interesting gifts.

Our guest for the past couple of weeks was an American Silken Windhound. Gorgeous coat and I didn’t think she had an undercoat until strange grey tufts came up from Zoe’s bed, which she laid on many times. She went home the other day and now grey tufts of undercoat are coming up all over the place!

I think she wanted to leave some of her with us. Good guests do that. Fur, OK. I got a bite today from a teething pup. I didn’t know it until I went to our door and noticed blood coming from my wrist. I lent them a frozen peanut butter-filled Kong (black is nearly indestructible) and we already gave them a puppet designed for teething so the pup will not eat hands. He’s an Old English Sheepdog and if they train him, he’ll be a great dog. Tendencies are good, just teething and in pain. Frozen stuff will help him get through this. I’m OK.

Another trick. Take clean old athletic socks, dip them in chicken broth and wring them out. Leave them wrung and place in a plastic bag and freeze. That may help with teething. Bad side is that he may always want to eat your socks.

Yes, I trained as a chef, am a good cook and the dog lady. Why can’t I work in a professional kitchen? I’m stubborn, talented, do not speak fluent Spanish, will not get minimum wage for maximum effort or buy and clean my uniforms, will not get tattoos all over my body, plus I’m too old. I cook for my husband, his grandmother knows he eats well, and we feed the dog frozen raw duck, venison, and more. Perhaps frozen wabbit, all with carrots and blueberries. Cheers, Dee


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