Local Prohibition

I’m not allowed to write in on this one to the local paper. I might give you a name, Jackie Robinson, now in the Hall of Fame and wasn’t allowed to play because he was Black. Now as current resident of the most racially divided town in the nation I may never see a gay player on the field, at least an openly gay one, David Denson, in my lifetime at Miller Field. I care how athletes play, not how they look or whether they’re married or not.

No-one knew about Rock Hudson until he got AIDS and died. He was a hero in the movies and Doris Day supported him along the fight against the disease. I want Milwaukee and the minors to respect his game and not his sexuality. Basically, it’s none of your or our business. I’m sure there are more salacious stories about his fellow hetersexual team members.

We come to see baseball, hopefully historic games. Unless you’re proved to be a serial killer I don’t really care what you do when you’re off the field.

Are you really going back to “gays in the military,” repealed decades ago? For baseball? It is a sport, not work except for a privileged few. I’m certain you’ll have to go back to steroids and HGH until you find something else that seems ripe for a scandalous report. Thank you. Dee

PS This is for the cast and crew of Field of Dreams. Our two neighbors, my sister and I played softball with “ghost men” every day in our brief summers. This is for Moonlight Graham. D


One response to “Local Prohibition

  1. It was not corn, it was Concord grapes. Thanks, C families. We had no light and imagined everything every day for the couple of months that were warm enough to play.

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