The Girls

We’ve a loaner dog for another week and things change every day. They’re in my kitchen and that’s verboten. Guest L took over our bed last night and Zoe slept underneath, despite my husband’s efforts to put them a few feet from each other.

Zoe needs attention now, but there are three dog beds in the living room plus a huge sofa and so they trade.

I think I’m too old to do this with two dogs. A friend of mine, sure you heard of Jake who died over a year ago, I just got a photo of a new pup from Jake’s family line. He is so cute. I try to stop by Jake’s favorite tree in the park every day.

Jake’s owner/dad and his sister are close by, after Zoe’s dear friend goes home we’ll host a dinner. The current dogs may be competitive with each other but can sleep well and walk well together. They’re sisters for good or bad. I’d tell you about but you’d never remember “Sisters” as sung by Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in White Christmas with Dee in our home harmonizing along, cheers! I don’t even know if the dogs could handle that! Dee


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