Hello in There, Hello

It’s an old, revered Joan Baez song with the silken voice. She sang of old people being left alone because no-one cared about them anymore.

I believe strongly in “hello” and greet fellow residents and even make them dinner on moving day. My term is different than what is happening here.

Late last night, after “last chance” for the dog, as our “hello” we got a dunning notice saying we owed $40, due immediately. No information on what the charge is for and certainly not a “hello” from new management.

Neil Diamond once sang Hell0, Again, Hello. Bear with me. Having a fake party at another venue piggy-backing to make it a tent event with residents having to take photos of the new “team” to gain two tickets to something insults all of us. We pay through the nose to live here and you treat us like errant children. If anyone can put a stop to this, I can.

Hello, indeed. Dee


One response to “Hello in There, Hello

  1. I’ve dark brown hair, my sister light brown, and she sucked her thumb and twirled her hair. At 4:30 in the morning we were going on vacation. Kitchen scissors and light brown hair were on the kitchen table and her bangs were sticking up. After a half hour of grilling my sister wouldn’t give it up so I did, so we could get on the road. I was punished for lying. Nada for the perpetrator. That’s life. She was thanked for telling the truth and I was punished.

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