My husband was gone over half a year for work last year and our dog Zoe got used to it. Now he’s home and traveling. She doesn’t like the travel part as he’s the “fun guy.”

I took her out mid-day today and when I was in the midst of my medical routine she stared at me. She’d just gone out and done “everything” two hours before. I thought she wanted her toy or my attention.

It seems that my husband’s leaving with a suitcase is “routine” now (she’s a herder, an Aussie mix) and he left tonight with no suitcase. I took some time for myself and was in the tub and when I came out, she’d left a few drops on the floor but peed all over her bed, which is outside and will be at the cleaner’s tomorrow as it’s too large for our washing machine.

There is a lot going on with our family, and us. I need to make sure our dog Zoe does not suffer from any fear and stress. I know she did not have to make a little mess, but she’s a smart, herding dog and is trying to get us all together. There are health issues, work stress et al and she’s just letting us know to do better.

She’s getting older. She doesn’t have #1 “accidents.” She went on her bed on purpose. It was to send us a message. With my love for shelter animals, Dee


2 responses to “Fear

  1. My cat peed on my bed when I WAS IN IT one night. That was a definite message: Hey, it’s way past time to change the litter! I couldn’t blame her.

  2. Poor kitty, poor Mom. If it makes you feel better when my husband lets our dog Zoe go to the end of a long leash sometimes she eats something dead or icky and 48 hours later, purges it in a safe place. The bed. I think they’re telling us we need to do seven loads of wash!

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