While my physicist/engineer husband may never learn to change a roll of toilet paper, at least he puts the toilet seat down 99,998 times out of 10K. That’s good enough for me.

The other day I picked a few herbs from the terrace and mixed them by hand with room temperature unsalted butter. I scraped them into parchment paper into a log, twisted the ends and placed the log into the frig.

The next day, this complete non-cook (he gets ice and pours Dr. Pepper or water into a glass) looked at my steak set-up and said “Oh, a compound butter!”

He tells everyone that I have, over 14 years, created a food snob. I agree. In ten years he’ll have read Harold McGee and know all the scientific principles of food, more than I do after culinary school. But like the toilet paper roll, he’ll not use it in the kitchen, only to mess with my mind as he watches me make dinner. Ah, well, don’t mess with what you have. Cheers! Dee


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