Our Flag

During the summer there is a flag next to our beach. It helps me know where and how hard the winds are blowing.

It would be interesting to be an air traffic controller out here on the lake, because the wind changes every few minutes, there must not be a boring time, and sometimes planes come in overhead and it seems like they’ll hit us before they bank and head to the airport to land.

Our government flag was hoisted and left for a few weeks then taken down for some reason for at least six weeks. I made some calls and asked that it be up before July 4 for the remainder of the summer.

It is not to test the winds, it is a reminder of what our nation means to us that we only get to celebrate once per year. For the government not to raise a flag would be a travesty (of a mockery of a sham, Woody Allen). It went back up on the 2nd.

Here they do the fireworks (we can’t see them from here) today so I think I’ll make my new pork tenderloin with peach salsa. Tomorrow it’s probably steak on the grill, potato salad and celebration coleslaw. Kind of red, white and blue.

Dog Zoe doesn’t mind the fireworks that much. They were much louder years ago when we were right next door. We’ll just remember to take her for “last chance” walk before they begin and keep the windows closed. Happy 4th. Ask the kids about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Dee


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