Orphan Cheese

What a great idea! A market I don’t visit enough has a basket by their new cheese counter with “orphan cheese.” I picked up a bit of 3-year cheddar, Emmentaler and Gouda for under five bucks, yes including all of them.

I made a triple decker 6″quesadilla for my husband the other night. These are fresh cheeses that are from the ends that no-one will buy because they’re not big enough or gorgeous. They’re fresh, tasty and perfect for lunch for a grilled cheese sandwich for me.  I’ll buy them any day!

A quesadilla is a possibility for my husband tomorrow morning and I can even make him some fresh salsa. No, perhaps I’ll make it for me and give him his special bacon and eggs tomorrow.

One of the ideas I created and our place has adopted is an herb garden. It’s doubled in size this year. I’ve a few tasty tomatoes, shallot, and shop for my own cilantro, parsley and chives at our herb garden. I tend it weekly through the summer, as a volunteer.

We are in a land of some great ideas, some that include orphan cheese. Cheers! Dee


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