South Africa

is following me now. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought of this. Mere words. I’ve never even been to Africa, only the temple on the southernmost point of Greece, near Morocco. Sounion. I understand why man/gods placed it there.

Now there’s a story. Another, and another. Traveling with my sister was always an adventure and we haven’t done it for years. Her daughter is now married and just graduated from college. It ages all of us a bit. Her younger daughter was headed to Greece yesterday after graduating high school. Let us hope my little sister has taught her Greek mythology, about Plato and the Iliad and The Odyssey and so much more about history.

My husband’s grandmother is in surgery now and my father is recuperating from surgery. We’re out on two fronts now and it’s exhausting for me but many times more for them. We know this will happen as our parents and grandparents age, as we do.

Nelson Mandela, (r.i.p.) THANK YOU! You opened doors no-one could unlock.Imagine a young person in South Africa reading the blog of an old white woman who lives in the USA in the middle of no-where. You didn’t invent the internet (no Al Gore joke) but made connecting over the seas possible through your efforts at understanding and collaboration. Thank you, Dee


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