Potato Salad

Yesterday, I gave an employee here some potato salad, and a shaved salad of cucumber and carrot with a light vinaigrette. He said he always wanted to know how to make potato salad.

I couldn’t believe that an adult, male or female, does not know how to make a potato salad and this is disturbing… until I realized that my husband knows how to make toast but not how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, or potato salad. When I first made him a tasty potato salad years ago, he said potato salad is only for funerals! It made him feel sad.

I’m going to make a pretty plain potato salad tonight because I boiled un-peeled Yukon Gold potatoes yesterday. If I were to dress them up I’d add a chopped scallion, two slices of cooked bacon, crumbled, 1/2 of a red pepper, charred, peeled and seeded. Perhaps some ancho chile powder and celery seed. That’s just how I’m feeling today. Some folks use pickles and hard-cooked eggs and miracle whip. I am not of that school. Talk to me tomorrow and I may have some new ideas. Right now it’s just salt, pepper, mayo and scallions.

Today I was introduced to (haven’t tasted yet) a local version of a French hard apple cider. I added some fresh sage and rosemary and dried thyme, salt and pepper and drowned two pork tenderloins in the hard cider to marinate.

I found gorgeous Saturn peaches and will make a peach, honey, chili and rosemary glaze to crust the pork. Also said potato salad and a green salad with my husband’s favorite, ranch dressing. Please. A hundred vinaigrettes come to mind and he wants bottled dressing. Last night he slightly overcooked two NY strip steaks, breaking in the new grill brush (what we need is a new grill). Then after I seasoned it perfectly he went to the frig and placed ketchup on his plate.

Luckily our old dog has taught me to perfect “the stare” that has served her so well in life. I gave it and he said, “I don’t plan to use the ketchup.” I even made a maitre d’hotel butter for the top and he chose ketchup. Why are we married? So I could create a food snob/snubber of haute cuisine?

No-one, including him, puts ketchup on Dee’s steak. The next morning, with leftover steak & eggs, he can use a steak sauce. That’s the way it is in Dee’s kitchen. How about yours? Dee


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