The Food Snob

Yes, I created him. He is my husband who only ate individually wrapped string cheese from the frig and would ditch the wrappers on the carpet to his geek computer he created in the Man Cave.

He has opined after years together about the virtues of four-year vs. five-year cheddar.

When I mentioned the other day that I didn’t remember the last fresh mozzarella I used on our Friday night pizza, he said, “why not make your own? You’ve always wanted to do so.”

Not today! Go back to the store, get 2 gallons of unpasteurized milk and after I make mozz I have to make ricotta from the whey? No whey, Jose. I already have to make dough, sauce, mushrooms, peppers. It takes long enough right now to make the dough as well, I’ll make mozzarella and ricotta when I’m ready and not under the gun to make dinner for you.

Managing expectations. We all do it, with spouses, kids, bosses. You can have a cookie as soon as you finish your broccoli.Think about it, Dee


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