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Last Chance

Senate Republicans, this is it. Before you go into this impeachment trial, know that it is not about you. It is not even about Donald Trump. It is not about either of your quest for eternal power.

It is about our nation, our democracy, the stuff all our kids learn about at school. It is about how voters decide what kind of America we wish to live in. Not courts, not secretaries of state, elected officials or angry mobs. It’s about us, we the people, your constituents whose votes you tried to invalidate two months ago.

You created the monster and let it loose: you let extremists try to take over our Capitol and our Electoral College. Only you can put Humpty Dumpty back together again and for that you need a collective spine.

To do so you cannot hide behind lies of stolen elections, unconstitutionality of this impeachment or figment-of-the-imagination first amendment claims. You must face the beast head on, tell our former president that neither he nor his extremist perpetrators are welcome in a democracy. He can’t primary all of you.

Then you have to apologize to the American people for misleading them for months pre-and post-election, and stop Republican-led state legislatures from imposing even more draconian impediments to cast one’s vote. Yes, you have to do this, because in order to be worthy of being a political party worth its ideals and a platform, you must have them first. Then believe in them, then and only then can you open your doors to new voters and say “look over here, this is what we stand for. Come join us!”

In the end, a perpetual minority cannot legitimately rule the majority. The sooner you get that into your head, the better. Face the beast you created lest a smarter, more devious version of it will crash our democracy next time. You were given a chance to convict a year ago and you passed. You pass now at your peril, because the voters are on to you and your tricks now, and the next election season we’ll be voting for who will really care for the American people and our democracy. Think about that before you vote on our behalf. Cheers, Dee


Election Day

It came and went. Wednesday morning quarterbacking in the newspapers and on the internet ensued. One article I found quite interesting said that if the Republicans lose the presidency this year (if you’ve been sleeping, they did), they have to get a new strategy other than getting new voters to not be able to register to vote.

A month later, we find Mitt Romney in seclusion at his La Jolla compound (I once lived there but in a 600 sf condo). His staff knew he would win so he didn’t even bother to have a concession speech ready. Really?

Apparently Mr. Romney has no taste for re-making the party into a winning one. Today I found out that the state legislature in Wisconsin is trying to ban new voters from registering on election day. The governor, who just survived a punishing recall electon, agrees with the bill but says it’s not a priority.

I worked in politics for years. I thought I was in policy and I was, for the most part, but I got out before it became solely about the politics. In my mind, the issues matter. Everyone who is of age and meets non-arbitrary eligibility criteria such as living in a state for 30 days should be allowed to vote.

What shouldn’t surprise me but does is that the elephants, instead of coming up with rational ideas that rational people may vote for, are choosing to to the opposite. Down with health care! Down with Medicare and Social Security! Yeah, let’s get those Commies who have paid taxes for the past 45 years! Don’t teach children about birth control. Home mortgage interest credit – abolish it! Above all, letting those “homos” marry is a threat to the American family! Huh? Also, fire your lawn guy, he’s probably illegal anyway. We need a big, huge fence, I tell you.

How many times can we play this 78 record when Best Buy doesn’t sell record players anymore? I can’t even listen to it on my 8-track. Give Americans something to believe in and we’ll vote for you!  Did you hear that or was your hearing aid turned off or was Rush Limbaugh too loud on the 60″ plasma?

Don’t encourage people not to register to vote. In my mind, that is the most un-American thing a representative we hired to represent us, can do. Thanks for reading. Dee