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I’m thinking of a salty, sweet, hot and tangy Udon noodle salad with shrimp. Perhaps for lunch.

The rest of this week will be spent on insurance and taxes. Next week is our future.

As I’ve trouble now and then with my tummy I went vegan years ago and found out what I was allergic to as I re-introduced ingredients. Now, as mostly a meat-eterian (plus starch and veg) I need protein.

Yes, I do always have veg and fruit available, today it’s Jonagold apples, an almost ripe pineapple and red seedless grapes.

Yesterday I cooked up some scallops. Today I’ll cook and place a few shrimp atop my noodle salad with grated carrot and scallions.

As a good cook one must cook for flavor and health. I can’t cook fish when my husband is home and I love fish! He’s so allergic that he can’t handle the smell unless I grill it or buy it cooked. I just can’t eat beef and potatoes all the time.

I’ll eat my fish, but try to keep healthy snacks out on the counter so he goes for them first before raiding cheese and crackers. I’m the wife, the food wench (that’s what he calls me for our old dog Zoe).

I make dinner for all of us. When he starts eating cheese and crackers 15 minutes before dinner my heart sighs. “Do you need cheese before you get your steak with chimichurri?” Much to do today and the rest of the week and we’re taking on a guest tomorrow, for a week. A lot of work ahead so Cheers from Dee