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I came from a small village of 400 souls. Then I had to deal with a high school with 2.500 students.

All I can think of was that we were the geeks. I gave the reference to AA Milne and we voted on names. I was named first, Piglet. I was tiny and a year younger than everyone. Alex was my math mentor on geometry, I was his on Algebra. He was Eeyore the donkey.

I believe that they named me correctly, the young one who would care about people and animals and make a difference in life. New state, strange space, no friends, I picked some good ones, as I always do.

When you think about moving, always think about your kids. They can deal with it if you prepare them. We moved all the time and were sent to a different school. Certain schools had kids that were nasty so we moved schools or homes that was better but not great. At least the guys behind me on the bus no longer put gum in my hair as my first visit to that school was not the best.

As your kids say,  I don’t want to leave my friends, you say he/she will always be your friend. I know. I’ve friends from grade school, high school and college and they are loyal. Only a few will survive from your social networks over the years but if you travel through our great country and beyond you will learn, Thanks Eeyore, Dee