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That goes in the arena of culinary mishaps. I’ve made a few major gaffes, especially before I got a culinary degree.

My cousin will never let me live down the uncooked “roasted” chicken I made him in a tiny apartment stove/oven. The pilot light went out and the skin looked gorgeous but the meat was raw. I re-lit the pilot, carved the chicken and sauteed it until done on the two-burner stove. Decades later he tells my siblings “your sister tried to kill me.”

I was living and working on the east coast and my family moved out west. I went to visit for the holidays and decided to cook them dinner from a very famous cookbook. The Bolognese sauce included 1/8 tsp. of cloves. I served the dinner and everyone said “cloves.” I made up my recipe from then on and have had no complaints, even when I make Moussaka and use cinnamon. Ok, that’s an error as well as I made it for guests so I could make it in advance so we could enjoy said guests. My husband hates eggplant. I’ve not made it since but am thinking of making it with zucchini as the “pasta” layers rather than grilled eggplant.

Mom and I went to a farmers’ market before I was married. I found this lovely little plant called Thai Chili. I was visiting family again and making a chicken chili, still before cooking school. I didn’t have an idea then as to Scoville Units, like Jalapeno is 3,000 – 5,000 and Habanero is about 300,000. Now ghost peppers are way out there.

I used 1/4 of what was in the recipe and no-one could eat it. For the next day or two I put in potatoes, carrots, everything but the kitchen sink but it was inedible. No, I didn’t give it to my former dog, she would have died right then and there.

Given one French and one Italian cooking school, I’ve not made grave errors since. There are actually successes and folks like my food. They actually say “Dee’s a chef.” I wouldn’t go so far, I’m a good cook that likes to cook for my family and entertain sometimes (when my husband doesn’t ask can we have so-and-so come over in 1/2 hour)?

Unless someone he knows and likes regularly comes over to see what I’m making for dinner, that’s a no, dear. I’m known to pick 5-6 cookbooks to open on my bed to come up with a menu. Then there are lists and shopping and prep. No, dear. Cheers and happy cooking! Dee


I Did It!

The last one was my 2,000th post and I swore to retire. I will miss you, dear reader, for your pithy comments (my aunt made me read the dictionary while using her bathroom, she was an English teacher) and friendship.

How about giving me a well-deserved vacation and I’ll decide whether to resume this, change the name or focus or just keep being Dee. I still have the site and of course I’ll let you know.

I’ve had a wonderful few years hearing from you and reading your blogs and will keep this site open for you to tell me to keep on writing!

Thank you for letting me learn how to write from the heart without fear, express myself, and not be so shy anymore. Thanks for letting me use this site to talk about politics, bullying, family, childhood and dogs as well as cooking.

My husband created this site for me six years ago and I was so scared to write on it, but How To Eat a Concord Grape was my first foray and it’s above and beyond my most popular post, especially in grape season and everyone wants to know whether or not to eat the seeds. I’d say be outdoors, follow my instructions and spit them out.

I am glad to have been useful, perhaps for dinner ideas, insightful thoughts and a little wisdom here and there.

With a blog there’s always something left on your “desk,” and an old friend of my Dad’s once told him: never stay late to clean your desk on a Friday. It’ll give you something to do on Monday. If you clean it all up you may die over the weekend. That is a very bad rendition (mine) of an old Irish proverb.

My desk is messy and I like it that way as it gives me something to think about. Cheers and Thanks, Dee