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A Resume

My name is Dee.

The summary of my life experiences includes consulting and arts, education, government roles that shaped my life experience.

I’ve a B.A. and two culinary degrees. I love to cook and make new and favorite meals. My college degree and interests allow me to help others.

For over 20 years I’ve volunteered for¬†shelter animals and spayed/neutered over 2,500 feral cats. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, but will not eat a donated donut after I touch my first cat. “Hey Dee, this one has ringworm, this one has mange.” Yeah, that was my day every month for six years. It was both exhausting in punishing heat, yet rewarding in knowing I did a good deed.

My current job is making sure my husband is the best that he can be, consulting for him personally (volunteer), reading and assessing legal papers, dealing with life and taking care of our home and dog Zoe. I always wanted to help and not be the star. I married a star.

Hobbies are writing a blog, this one. Calling the Coast Guard on the Coast Guard for a ship fire training exercise. Making snacks and dinner for others. Taking care of friends/neighbors in need. Petting dogs and cats and giving away treats. Art and museums are in there as well.

Status: Retired.

Dear Sir or Madam, you could not pay me enough to take me away from my retirement job. I love my job and bosses too much. Cheers! Dee



I think the current resume format is outdated, obsolete. Some people jump into technology right out of high school if they’re smart enough and the current resume format will not get that person, or me, an old fart, a job.

This is about what you’ve learned and who you learned it from.

Have people Count on Me, get an Education, Hard Work will make it happen: Parents

Be Honest and have Integrity: Parents

Ask Forgiveness, not Permission: my Brother

Be Committed and Determined: In-Laws

Be Joyful and Kind to All: Everyone, especially my Aunts, Nanny and Uncles

Know what You’re Doing: Mentors, you know who you are at work and how to know who will achieve wisdom

Wisdom: So many Sources, little nuggets to nudge people but it’s a personal thing to gain it

Perseverance: Many including my fellow off-leash advocates who I thank every day for their lessons in many of these categories

Respect: All but solidified by the Navy Captain who married us and shed a tear in the other room before deciding to do so

Routine: Our dog Zoe

Spirit and Structure: to my Nemeses over the years, I’ve earned these stripes

Love and using Logic rather than Emotion: My Dear Husband

Art, Architecture, Cooking, Humor and Law: several come to mind, thanks!

Loyalty: look to the Frat brother that never let me join but is my friend decades later

Patience: from the two Priests who taught me how to learn. Thanks Fr. C.

Volunteering: thanks to everyone from the feral cats and Greyhounds and humans who brought me and my teams in. Greys, thanks for showing me real speed and what I’ll never be able to do, run like the wind!

Forgiveness: I do not forgive heinous behavior to me or my friends/family lightly. Little things slide.

Tolerance: Yes, I was on the forefront years ago in human and civil rights and remain there

Teaching: thanks to teachers of every type. I salute you and wish to learn something new every day for the rest of my life. From the neighbor who taught me psychoses before I was eight to today, teachers are everywhere. You just have to be open to knowledge.

* * *

It’s a very rough draft and not in order of importance but I think it might lend an interviewer an insight into the personality of the person to be hired. Of course you’d need prior job data and college criteria.

Even if job applicants use the regular format, would choosing one item on this list put them on top of the pile? Would you use several of these words in an interview to size up the applicant?

I wish I was 20 again and applying for my first job. No, I wish I was 16 and really worked hard to go to a great college. No, I wish I was eight and didn’t “coast.”¬† Dee