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Yes, I was. I gave old dog Zoe a bath the other day and she is shedding undercoat like crazy but is only now ready for a comb-out (which she hates). Undercoat is very soft, like down, and very warm.

It has been a cool summer and is feeling like fall so we give a gift every Fall to the birds and squirrels in the neighborhood of tufts of Zoe’s undercoat so they can have “down comforters” to keep them warm in winter.

Another dog owner said she saw me do so, and I told her why I left tufts of Zoe’s fur on the grass. They disappear almost immediately as they are great bird nest or squirrel “apartment” amenities. We have done this for years.

If she calls Animal Control or the City I’ll make our case. We are recycling. Doing a service to all. Cheers! Dee