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Shaun The Sheep

We are Shaun The Sheep. My husband has been viewing episodes for a while now, starting when he was out of town on business. It is on Amazon Prime, about a British farm and a sheep named Shaun.

Shaun is a small sheep who is leading a herd, reporting to the dog, his immediate “boss” with a clipboard and whistle, and the gentleman of the house.

Ah, what does Shaun do? He solves problems and when he’s not doing that he plays jokes on the bosses.

Minus the jokes on bosses, my husband and I are Shaun The Sheep. We come into a messed up situation and try to make it right. Often those in trouble do not wish to change for the positive. We do our best, each with our own set of skills, to make things right.

Thanks to the BBC for providing evening entertainment, claymation-style. Dee