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Foxes and Sockses and Boxes

Yes, I still have a few boxes and a lot of moving materials including one large folder with places for moving sheets, inventory, et al. Also one for where we’re moving with space for locations, and papers.

I’ll be ready when we move. I even have new moving tape for the prime dispenser and box cutters, scissors and permanent markers for boxes. Also labels in different colors. One is car, another home/MBR or whatever room, storage and discard. Oh, we’re not moving. I just have all the stuff. Ask me about the “Tuscan Retreat” someday. I got in trouble for that.

First I must say I am not a plant person. I killed two thyme plants and two sage plants this spring. OK, one cilantro is about to be pronounced DOA. Yes, I am a serial plant killer.

They spent forever planting my herb garden downstairs so I had to create my own in three containers indoors. The basil and some cilantro and rosemary are doing well. Yesterday I went to see the community garden and was very pleased that residents are “shopping” there. They tear off the buds, I bring small scissors and as it is such a short growing season, weekly I try to keep the plants from “bolting” too soon.

Yesterday I picked some thyme, sage, parsley and chives for an herb butter I’ll make and perhaps place in an old-fashioned ice cube tray (aluminum with the handle to get the cubes out, oh, you’re too young). The tray was a gift from my mother-in-law. Great gal.

As to socks I used to wear run-of-the-mill bargain-basement socks. Then I started taking care of Sage, the neighbors’┬ánew pup. No way I could flood or dry him out, like the herb, a great dog and I hope he is doing well.

Two roommate gals worked sales for SmartWool and ProBar. Guess what I got for taking good care of Sage? In the beginning I was so concerned about wearing $20 SmartWool socks that I bought $8 Crocs from the sale bin at the outlet store to protect them, until I nearly was electrocuted in the dry mountain climate by touching the thermostat, thrown back into the dishwasher and I fried the control panel. It, and I were immediately fixed.

No more Crocs indoors, I’ve at least 10 pair and wear them outdoors, even winter boots, and leave them on a dog towel inside the “mud room.”

Now I need to wear compression socks, doc says, for circulation. They cost $50 per pair, so I wear SmartWool over them when in the house, after taking off my Crocs at the door. I wear simple clothing and it is amazing to me that every day I’m wearing $70 on my feet without shoes, while cooking and playing with the dog!

Oh, I’ve about ten pair of unopened SmartWool socks and two of unopened compression socks so I’ve years to go. Now I need to find out Crocs sizing as I need a couple more pair. Thanks, neighbors, and Sage. Dee

Health Bars

I love to cook, don’t get me wrong. But there are some days when one is too busy or even lazy to cook breakfast or lunch, or my husband finds his blood sugar getting low at work late afternoon and wants a snack to finish a project.

For years I got Clif bars, our favorite is oatmeal raisin walnut. Then I started mixing Whole Foods’ 365 brand fruit and nut trail mix with added dried fruit, mainly mango, pineapple and cranberry. Then I’d measure out 1/2 cup portions in snack bags and give him about ten to take to the office.

Of late I’ve been introduced to Pro Bar. I have bought them after being introduced to them, but it all started as a thank you for walking a neighbor’s dog.

I find most bars too sweet and not nutritious. But Pro Bar’s cocoa pistachio bar was not a kiddy sweet snack. It’s an adult vegan bar with complex flavors and is great for a quick lunch, especially if there are no leftovers in the frig.

This week (I always seem to end up walking that dog, wonder why?) I tried the Pro Bar double chocolate. Yum. This morning, for breakfast, I tried the peanut butter chocolate chip, which was OK but when I think of peanut butter I think of what I put in my dog’s kong toys and freeze as treats. Not great breakfast thoughts.

I still have the superfruit slam to perhaps try tomorrow. Just wanted you to know that there are some healthy adult bars out there, not pubs, this is healthy fare. Also that I was not paid for any endorsement of any product in this post. OK, my only payment is that I got to walk a really cool dog. Cheers, Dee