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A Highlighter

is a dangerous tool. btw sorry I was off yesterday, our internet was out for the day. The “cable people” were here and shut off internet and cable for many residents. No notice, no management of expectations. My husband and I were each in our separate offices on the internet and it went down.

Always looking for new things to cook I gave my husband a very expensive magazine called “Grilling” by Bon Appetit. He does not go into our kitchen except to get ice or Dr. Pepper so I gave him the mag and a highlighter to see what he’d like me to try to cook on the grill this summer, fall, winter and spring.

He’s a meat and potatoes guy so he highlighted every beef dish that didn’t include fish sauce. He’s highly allergic to fish. I asked that he at least look at chicken, lamb and pork. Very little highlighting in veggies but he did like a couple of sauces.

I’m up for a challenge. Tonight’s dinner is skirt steak with a variation of my peach salsa that has been marinating for a couple of hours. We’ve scalloped potatoes left over from last night and a nice salad and/or sliced tomatoes.

The usual rule is to try something new on family, then on guests when it’s perfect. Cheers! Dee