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Dear Congress-People

Please task the departments that we hire you to control to stop terrorism. Please stop treating all citizens like terrorists. Yes, I chose to be felt up in public because I wanted people in the security line to know what your agents were doing to me while I was trying to go to my husband’s home for Thanksgiving.

I got the naked scan, then a woman felt my breasts in full view of everyone nearby in the airport. She left and I thought it was over but a man stepped in front of me and told me to stay there, then they swabbed my palms for bomb residue. Of course I passed, and had to change clothing to return home. No metal, hair barrette, underwire bra gone. Still, I went through the normal metal scanner and was patted down but think it was just to show the new line that opened up where everyone had to go through the naked scanner that this line also meant business.

I would not go into a private room for the breast scan because I wanted everyone to see this and in private, it probably would have been much worse. What does one do with one’s belongings when they don’t have a significant other around? Luckily my husband picked up my purse and laptop.

When are you going to realize that terrorists try something then go to something else? It’s time we put our best brains on getting a leg up on them, rather than always being ten steps behind. Shoes, belts, laptops, purses, underwear, where will it stop? Been there, done that.

The fathers of our Constitution would be aghast at teenagers super-glued to their iPods, but more so at the level of shame we have to submit to in order to fly home for the holidays. Where I live, only my husband can touch me where TSA did. Can’t we do better? Learn from the Israelis. They wouldn’t strip-search a 52 year-old married woman in front of her husband. May the best and brightest prevail, Dee


Three Things

First, we have Thanks. Recently my husband told me he was continually amazed that when he gets home from work his dog and I say hello, dinner is nearly on the table and every stitch of clothing he’s worn for the past few days is hanging in his side of the closet or folded in drawers. That’s a big “thank you” from this guy, who’s not big on praise for everyday duties.

Now, Retribution. Charlie Rangel has been playing it fast and loose for many years. Today the powerful and shamed former chairman of the US House Ways & Means Committee was given censure by the House Ethics Committee. His penalty is, when the House as a whole votes to censure him, stand in the well of the House and listen to their rebuke of his egregious self-serving behavior. Think of taking multiple properties in NYC that were meant by law to help people who can’t afford one, much less four. That seems to be who gets these places, someone who can afford four, not just one. Remember Mayor Dinkins living in Mitchell-Lama housing that capped the income at way below what he was making as Mayor. But no-one in these places, the rich and powerful, ever get kicked out. Standing in a room on C-Span that no-one will ever watch does not even begin to address his wrongs. But the Good Old Boys Club sees wagging a finger at a colleague as the equivalent of several years in jail. That wouldn’t happen to his constituents in Harlem.

Last but never least, Love. My husband’s parents are back home and living a different existence from three weeks ago when they were in a major car wreck. It’ll be a while until life gets back on an even keel. They are adapting well, as we would expect. They’re self-sufficient farm folks who make do in a crisis. They are an inspiration to us and to anyone who knows them. We look forward to seeing them and all our family very soon, but not to naked scans and invasive pat-downs at the airport.

We wish y’all a happy Thanksgiving. Cheers, Dee