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Puppies and Kittens

I know they’re born really tiny and are trained to deal with their litter mates for food (milk). But they are blind. They do all this scrambling around for food then do their business and pile up upon each other to sleep. As a human I’ve never done that but understand the togetherness.

That is not what I had in mind a few days ago. My husband was home and we decided to take the dog for a walk together late afternoon as when he’s in town we do “shifts.” I do three, he does two. To go out together was a nice change and reminded me of another couple in town that I admired from behind, a few hundred feet away. walking their dogs early in the morning and I hoped we could have more walks together as we age.

When we finally met I ended up knowing this couple, as they’d hired my father 35 years ago. Their dogs are gone now and I don’t see them on the trail. There’s a history that is not mine to tell. Oh their old dogs were very sugary and spicy.

I tripped off the sidewalk I got installed right across the street on the way home and went down before I could see or say anything. I hit knees, hand, shoulder and then my skull cracked on the pavement. I’ve not been able to somewhat open my eye at all for three days but now it looks awful and I’ve a big goose egg but my vision is intact and it just needs time and care.

Walking across the street in comfy shoes with little tread is an issue, as I’ve also had rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years. I was lucky this time. It’ll take a few weeks to heal but walking around half-blind made me think again of Helen Keller, who I read about often as a child, a heroine and admired along with her teacher, of course.

Tonight I got up at midnight because I couldn’t open my eye. I carefully bathed and rinsed it and it’s open, not all the way. I can walk the dog with the right shoes but wouldn’t take out my car. It is a very limited circumstance and yes, blind people will attack me for taking this stance but standing in your shoes for several days with only one eye and spatial relationships off, plus bruises all over your body may let you know that I care. Miss writing, but wanted to tell you why I haven’t been in touch. Cheers! Dee


We’re In!

Happy Memorial Day! We’ve spent four entire days moving from the North Tower to the South Tower. It’s more complicated than that. We’ve stuff in storage here, rented furniture package, two moving companies and an ABF truck to move 15 linear feet of our “stuff” from Texas where it’s been for the past 3.5 years!

Let me tell you a little secret. Don’t ever let all your belongings be in storage for that long. And don’t let my husband and his cohorts pack them. I think we have 40 new moving blankets, all folded up except for a few that need to be unpacked. Then he wrapped cling wrap all over everything. For all that, I must say that only one dish and three glasses broke.

7.500 pounds of stuff to place in 1,250 sf in a different configuration than it was purchased for. Books are unloaded and many being donated. Tons of boxes unloaded and ready for a needy mover to take on, plus a tub with a huge plastic bag of packing “peanuts” ready to give away.

I’ve files from 15 years ago and must go through many boxes and have a professional document shredder get rid of most of it.

Then we’ve got donation items and I’ve many clothes to go through to get that done but have researched and contacted the right people to find the right place to get that done.

Then we have to move things like Christmas stuff to storage and building a pantry and maybe kitchen shelving as well because it’s a small kitchen and I’ve used up every inch of space and don’t have a place for a pantry.

So my husband just hooked up my computer and I’m at the window with a great view, right now of a storm over Lake Michigan. Lightning et al, I love watching storms! The seagulls fly by our windows and we’ll finally get shades on Wednesday.

We put together our bed today, all but the comforter and cover which are in storage here. We have been sleeping in someone else’s bed for 3.5 years and had to go out and get an expensive mattress pad today because we couldn’t find ours. It would be nice to sleep through the night and only worry about boxes, dusting the Cort furniture in our old place and bringing back their laundry basket I had to use for moving today.

Oh, and it would be nice to find my keys to the new place. They were on my purse on the counter and probably fell into a pantry box. Or I left them in the door and someone will turn them in. Oh, well, no move, even one as complicated as ours, is problem-free! Cheers! Dee