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Eclectic and/or Eccentric

I like to think of myself as the former, though am becoming the latter. We moved a lot when I was a kid. I learned to save a few things, cookbooks, silk scarves from Dad from Ferragamo, trinkets from his travels.

My great Aunt O was married to a man who made Canadian pea meal bacon (wet-cured pork loin) braised in beer. Auntie O gave me one of his cookbooks, Larousse Gastronomique, before she died. Twenty years later I cannot open it because it reeks of cigarette smoke.

My Aunt L received a desk from her estate, charred with cigarette smoke for 40 years. My aunts cleaned it up and it is Chippendale, authentic, and gorgeous. I prefer more modern or rustic furnishings. They have the right home for it.

Different am I, not just left-handed. Great Aunt O was a milliner who flew to Paris every year to choose hats for the chic and trendy in Montreal. Very high end. Sometimes a special client would come in for a $500 hat (this is the 60’s so compare that to a Prada bag) and wear it to an event then return it the next day without the tag. She accepted the hat and gave it to me at age five, as she knew it had been worn and could not be re-sold.

I was wearing a $500 red Dior cloche with pigtail at age five. I hated it. The kids always made fun of me anyway for living up in the hills in a great house and a view they could only imagine, and taking the half-bus (the retard bus, they called it) to school. I wore boots because it snowed up there earlier than it did in the village below.

No, I have never been The Grinch. I have always been the fairy who somehow makes the world better. Education, art, theater. I’ll have to talk about philosophy in another post. Age-old wisdom, soc and psych. I took the first training class co-sponsored by Red Cross and the Humane Society of the US.

Yes, dogs and cats are in my sights as well. We’ve an old dog who is sleeping a lot. I would like to get a stethoscope, as advised in my class kit many years ago. If fairy dust has any meaning, may she live a while longer. Live long and prosper. Dee



A “Left-Handed” Compliment

That has a derogatory ring to it. I just read that up to 93% of people are right-handed. I’m a leftie, a southpaw, and according to history you’re dexterous, I’m sinister. Wikipedia has an informative site on left-handedness. My father was left-handed but his knuckles were rapped enough to change him. He swore he would not change or allow anyone to change the two of his four children that followed suit.

At school I was issued safety scissors with a green plastic handle and blunt ends, even though I’ve never been able to use scissors with my left hand. Golf was interesting, in my short stint at lessons I was told by the Pro that I should use regular clubs because all the action is from the left hand, the swing and follow-through. As to guitar, which I just took up a few months ago, I never considered a left-handed guitar. It’s interesting reading as to well-known guitar heroes use their strong hand for the frets, not strumming (the awesome Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits). Perhaps as I take up guitar as a leftie on a rightie guitar, I spend more time learning chords and notes than getting through an entire song on the beat.

Knives are another issue. Kitchen peelers are rightie-based. I have to buy them for me. I’ve never bought a Japanese sushi knife but many of the Japanese knives are only made for right-handers and lefties used to have to special order. I can only use knives, or write, with my left hand. Many other motions are naturally done with the right hand (golf, guitar) and others are required of me, like starting the car with the key in my right hand.

Dad was caned. I was issued safety scissors. Let’s hope our teachers aren’t still penalizing children for being different. All my life, I’ve ended up in situations with groups of left-handed friends. All are smart and creative and my life would be less full without those experiences. Yes, I’ve been to a left-handed store and nothing stood out for me. The one thing I could use is a left-handed or dual-spout ladle. After all, I’ve turkey soup to serve! Cheers, Dee