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My father was in the hospital for surgery this week. So was Nanny, my husband’s grandmother. We cannot be in both places at once, and neither wants us hovering.

It makes one think how fragile life is and how many times can you demonstrate and say You Are Loved, in life. There is not a limit on this. I married a man who tells me he loves me at least ten times a day.

They’re going to try to fix Nanny, my Nanny now. She agreed to “adopt” me as a grand-daughter just before I eloped with her eldest grandson years ago. Yes, I had the interview. I never really knew my grandmothers as both died before I was a year old. We wish Nanny well in recovery and hope the Dr. has not needed to schedule surgery this morning.

Dad will be going to a top-notch cancer center for his next treatments after he’s well enough to travel. Staying on top of this is a priority because it’s family and I don’t want to go to a funeral any time soon. These folks make a difference in peoples’ lives and they are not allowed to leave with unfinished deeds. Dee


Happy New Year

We’re looking forward to one. Today I found out the biopsy is negative and I only need to worry about circulation in an ankle I broke 22 years ago while walking my new dog.

I knew her for a year at the shelter, and sat with her every week. Talk was made of euthanizing her and a fellow volunteer turned staffer told me, Chani was home with me the next day for ten years.

My mother and I walked her the first week on a back road where the asphalt was craggy along the way. We were admiring the flowers and I turned my ankle and broke it. I couldn’t use crutches because my dear Chani had been abused for a year and in a shelter for another. She thought I was going to beat her so I hopped around and did stairs on my behind.

This week was spent writing last wishes for my husband and dog in case I had any type of cancer. And worrying. Today my husband went with me to find out biopsy results. Negative. But it looks like I’m going to have to find support socks that will help increase circulation to clear up my condition.

Chani, this one’s for you! All the neighbors gave a tree in your honor that has a better view than I ever had and now, in addition to your ashes, I’ve another memory of you.

It’s going to be a good year. Enjoy! We had a very elegant dinner of spaghetti and meatballs and are watching a movie. I went out one New Years’ Eve for an hour, parked my car and it was totaled. Wheel sheared off the axle. Police wouldn’t let me see the accident report so it must have been a high government official or his kid. I don’t go out for New Years’ Eve anymore.

Today was a good day. I’m alive and still kicking (in old people socks) and with my family and years to go. Cheers! Enjoy your parties and set up for good new year. Dee