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I just heard about this compound yesterday and am researching it. Right around the same time my brother was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes (Type I, age 16). I had but was not correctly diagnosed for 25 years. I have rheumatoid arthritis.

Both are auto-immune diseases that are probably passed on through our genes. Of course my brother is on insulin. I take an OTC pain reliever twice per year on bad days.

They seem to be recommending a Paleo or what I think is Vegan, diet only. No grains, even beans, nightshades like potatoes and the entire family of tomatoes, eggplant. No cheese, no bread. I think I’ll print out this page and eat it. I’m a foodie. I’d just as soon die earlier than force myself into this. No problem getting the skins off and seeds out of a tomato to reduce my risk. More for you as it comes in. Dee